"Singer Dorian Devins occupies a pretty unique place in jazz. She doesn’t just sing standards and the occasional obscurity: she reinvents instrumental numbers from across the years by penning her own pensive, tersely crafted, often subtly amusing lyrics. She sings in a cool, unadorned mezzo-soprano that harks back to golden age songbirds from June Christy to Peggy Lee, and like those singers, works the subtlest corners of her repertoire. " - Lucid Cultiure, Dec. 2016

Reviews for The Procrastinator

"The Procrastinator is a solid jazz vocal debut by an intelligent and thoughtful singer. Devins has one of those voices and vocal capabilities that make her express only confidence. She takes a less often traveled road and blazes a new trail in standards interpretation." - All About Jazz

"In short, Devins makes old school turn new cool in the spirit of a Chet Baker without the pretentiousness and vocal pyrotechnics the average listener is bombarded with today...when you combine the vocals of Devins and the synergy of the band, then you have a righteous if not rare release in virtually every sense of the word." - @CriticalJazz

"It’s simply a case of you know it when you hear it....There’s no frosting on the cake with this singer. And that’s the way it usually is with the best. They never need to depend on gimmicks, show biz or shmaltz. Devins interprets these songs straight down the middle of the highway. And there’re no detours."-George Fendel, Oregon Jazz Society